About Us

One weekend in April, 2018, I visited an activewear store in the mall. I couldn’t find anything in my size, so I found a very eager, sweet salesgirl. When I mentioned that I didn’t see any Plus Sized clothing, her response was “Oh, we DO carry some! Sometimes we go up to size 12!”

This page is NOT for the people who buy their clothing at that store.

Curvy Activewear is for any woman who doesn’t fit the “standard clothing” mold for sizing. A woman who want to feel good about herself. Who is taking the time and effort to work out and keep herself healthy, to uphold her fitness, and feel great about how she looks and feels while doing it.

While there are many sites for women who have an “X” in their size, there are few who cater to clothing relating to fitness, exercise, foundation garments and sexy clothing, specifically. “Plus Sized” women seem underserved in that niche, and we’re here to remedy that situation.

So, check out our shop. Ask questions. Let us know what we can provide, and we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs.

Happy, HEALTHY Shopping!